Western Australian Cardiovascular

Research Alliance

WACRA is the voice of Western Australian Cardiovascular Researchers

Established in 2019 the Western Australian Cardiovascular Research Alliance (WACRA) unites leading heart, stroke and vascular disease researchers from universities and institutes in Western Australia working across the pipeline from fundamental pre-clinical research, epidemiology and public health through to clinical trials.

Blood Samples
Pre-Clinical Discovery

Fundamental discoveries  into the mechanisms that cause cardiovascular disease so that targeted and personalised therapy can be designed

Epidemiology & Public  Health 

Understanding cardiovascular disease incidence and distribution so that research and policy are directed to impact the burden

Clinical Health Research

Innovations in the delivery of healthcare and rigorous testing of Australian discoveries and devices so that patients experience the highest standard of healthcare


To advocate increased awareness of cardiovascular death and disability to government and the public


Livia Hool WEB COVER

Professor Livia Hool

WACRA Director - Chairperson

WACRA is a fantastic opportunity to position our talented Western Australian cardiovascular researchers on the national stage

Marcus Schlaich WEB COVER

Professor Markus Schlaich

WACRA Director

Cardiovascular research may not make an impact today;

but it will tomorrow

Robyn-Owens web.jpg

Professor Robyn Owens


WACRA is the voice of cardiovascular researchers in WA