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WACRA encourages members of the public to seek interest in cardiovascular health, particularly in the prevention of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD) which encompasses heart and vascular diseases.

Why is Cardiovascular Health Important? 

Cardiovascular-related illness and disease is the leading cause of mortality and disease burden in Australia. WACRA aims to promote research for heart disease, stroke and vascular disease to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular-related illness and mortality to ensure a more efficient treatment in the future. Most cardiovascular-related diseases are life-threatening, portraying the importance of continuous research to help reduce the mortality rate.

Cardiovascular disease is a term that encompasses all heart and vascular diseases, these include:

  • Coronary heart disease

  • Heart failure

  • Cardiomyopathy

  • Congenital heart disease

  • Peripheral vascular disease

  • Stroke

Knowing your risks

Knowing your risks is the first step to avoiding a heart attack or stroke. There’s no one cause for heart disease, but there are risk factors that increase your chance of developing it.



Heart health checks

The best thing you can do to find out about your risk of heart disease is to see you doctor for a heart health check.




How to eat healthily

Eating a balanced, healthy diet that's naturally low in saltsugar and saturated and trans fats contributes to heart health.












Making it easy to be active every day

Regular physical activity makes you less likely to have a heart attack or develop heart disease.

Warning signs of a heart attack

Download the Heart Foundations Heart Attack Action Plan here and learn what to do in the event of a heart attack.

For more information please see the Heart Foundation website

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